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Fellowship for Intentional Community: Our mission is to support and promote the development of intentional communities and the evolution of cooperative culture.

Farming in Willamette Valley region

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Mission: Together to create a truly sustainable community
By supplying most of our daily physical needs from the land
While fulfilling most of our social and spiritual needs nearby and with each other


Welcome and good Day. I'm Kevin Jones age 50 and I live near Eugene, Oregon; I've been farming organically and biodynamically and homesteaded for the last 20 years; much along the way has been a journey toward community.
While farming and homesteading, I've noticed again and again that this all would be so much better if it were a group endeavor--More social and rewarding, more efficient, and more sustainable. Farming as I've chosen to, is not a good way to make much money, but it is a great way to feed oneself. I don't import lots of resources or use much machinery so I don't compete in the market place that doesn't value my more sustainable ways. The community farm envisioned would employ draft animals, methane digesters, farm animals, solar and wind power etc, and would have/build the components necessary for a simple yet well functioning farm and community.
I've searched for compatible communities in my region and around the country. There are some, but not nearby. So I feel called to start one.
They come in all shapes and size, and the one I'd like to be part of growing hopefully will value these ideas or at least allow me to

~ An awareness of and responsibility to self, relationship with others and spirit.
(this is hard to distill, yet the key, it involves honor and a commitment to a willingness to accept and resolve differences and challenges in our lives with others and our self; to remain in healthy relation) Striving to live at peace.
~ A consensus approach with consideration for sociocracy and other forms of successful governance. Creation of community rules and agreements including a pet policy
~ A positive long range view, considering future generations
~ Shared land ownership with personal ownership of a home
~ Living a very 'self sufficient' life on a community scale
~ A strong commitment to deriving our needs from our place and
organic and non GMO foods
~ Choosing a location within easy use of public transportation
~ Living within our means financially and encouraging those with more, giving more
~ Creating times of play, fun and joy, and spiritually enriching ceremony

I read a quote by Vandana Shiva "In natures economy the currency is not money it is life." And being part of nature and humanity I value money some but life more, especially in respect to time and my ability to participate in much of what I think brings me life and perhaps offers life benefits to others.

So I'd like to attract and form a core group of compatible people who would like to lay the foundation for an agricultural village (ecovillage.) To start, I'd prefer to make contact with people who have 10+ years of experience homesteading, or living and working on organic, biodynamic or permaculture farms and/or in useful skill trades; and community living experience would be a great asset. I'd prefer to hear from people who reside now in Oregon or the Northwest and who share most if not all of the values I've mentioned

I've lived in community for a short while and have studied many others extensively and would like to encourage the use of the many tools and examples available that appear to be successful. Diana L. Christian's books for example.

So some of my personal interests include finding clever solutions, food and cooking, singing, games, my family, and woodworking with hand tools, basketball, frisbee and tennis, water and canoeing.

Understand, I don't own the land I currently steward, and hope to put my assets with others' to buy land, once trust and agreements have been established.
If you think we maybe compatible, I'd like to talk; please take the first step and call or E-mail me. Maybe a visit to see what we've developed on the land we currently care for will be appropriate.
Thanks, Kevin

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Eugene, Oregon
United States

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