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EcoReality Co-op

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Mission: Our focus is permaculture, sustainable living, food and energy production, and education.

Because humans have tipped the planet out of energetic balance, leading to increasing overpopulation, conflict, famine, and extinction, possibly of humans themselves, we, the members and advisors of the Ecoreality community agree to honor our individual roles as part of a collective that is committed to sustainability in all its forms.

Here is our mission (an action plan that guides us):

We choose to build a loving community together in the South Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada.
As a community, we pledge to learn by practice and exploration how to apply principles of ecology, non-violence, awareness, diversity, and education toward the achievement of a lifestyle that is a result of intentional sustainable actions and alternatives to the state of the world (see first line). To do this, we agree to use clear, compassionate communication and written process, and to empower people through ongoing group awareness and processes that promote personal responsibility and accountability. We agree to share knowledge and materials in ways that promote our community values. Finally, we will support our mission actions by appropriate tools that we all agree to use, such as consensus decision-making.

Furthermore, we endorse a common set of values in priority order, from which we derive our common vision and purpose statements, the latter of which we periodically review and ratify by unanimous consent.


EcoReality Sustainable Land Use and Education Cooperative is developing an ecovillage in the south Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada. This ecovillage will be a model of sustainable food and energy production and will include public outreach and education as goals.

We have acquired a 43-acre property next to a 61-acre “community farmland” site, backed by a thousand of acres of public parkland, all the way to the highest peak on the island, and down to the ocean.

The property has cleared, productive farmland (mostly in hay), riparian and laucustrine areas, and young forest. The public parkland extends from the highest point on the island (Bruce Peak, at 704 metres), all the way to the ocean at Burgoyne Bay, and up the other side to the second-highest point (Mount Maxwell, at 579 metres).

All of the property is irrigated by a two-acre pond and two year-round streams via an extensive buried irrigation system. The class-2 soils are in growing zones 8 and 9. We have been implementing a Permaculture design for the site.

Two houses with a total of 4,200 sq ft of living space have eleven bedrooms, four bathrooms, and two kitchens between them, as well as ample room for meetings and home-based businesses. Three members live in these buildings, sharing them with renters, WWOOFers, and visitors.

A garage/studio/workshop of about 1,200 sq ft is used as a classroom for Permaculture and agriculture classes and public events. The classroom seats 40.

We also have a 3,550 sqft "high tunnel" poly greenhouse, divided into zones for propagation, nursery, and direct seeding.

New as of September 2016: we have salvaged a wonderful 3,080 sqft glass and aluminum greenhouse, currently in pieces, awaiting drier weather so we can start foundation work.

We have begun a public education campaign leading to re-zoning that will enable construction of a number of additional dwelling units. Current zoning allows three additional houses and a cottage. We have completed studies that show a larger number of dwelling units are appropriate, based on both carrying capacity of the land and agricultural labour needs, which is the legal requirement for more dwellings. This will be a political process, with at least three government bodies and public hearings involved.

We are seeking additional members who can contribute approximately half the value of a typical North American suburban house to the project. Prospective members with outstanding skills who can contribute less are encouraged to contact us.


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    Co-founder Jan Steinman is interviewed at 7:30 into this video blog. (Warning: considerable profanity before the interview.)

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    Vancouver Sun wrote an article about EcoReality.

  • EcoReality:
    EcoReality is developing an ecovillage on 100 acres of public/co-op land in the South Gulf Islands of British Columbia. This ecovillage will be a model of sustainable development, and will feature public outreach and education as included goals.

  • EcoReality Co-op:
    Fact Sheet for those considering joining EcoReality.

  • Escape From Suburbia:

Physical Address
2152 Fulford-Ganges Rd
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia V8K 1Z7

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