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Fellowship for Intentional Community: Our mission is to support and promote the development of intentional communities and the evolution of cooperative culture.

1st Amazon Ecovillage | Guayana Peace Trail Project

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Meet the neighbors:

Mission: Establish an indigenous modern way of life that is in accordance with nature using appropriate technology and all that we exemplify as humans in our natural state on earth as good people.


We learned see the world differently by living in the Amazon's Highlands, now you can too! Want to become an ecologically sustainable person? Can you live in harmony with our natural world? Can you live like an indigenous Amerindian? Perhaps a bit better if you apply some technology, practical application and utilize your theoretical ideals.

We began our journey down the road to life (our new way) in 2007 to establish a better way (a new natural ecoculture), because we discovered that the life course we had been taking was not the right path to lead us where we need to be in order to establish a harmonious existence as co-inhabitants of the planet.

Everyone should want to consider themselves good, peaceful, compassionate and knowledgeable human beings. We realized our purpose as co-inhabitants of the planet is a socially responsible one. We are finally as of August 2013 we began to realize that dream with two base properties here in South America.

The two properties are approximately 700 kilometers (435 miles) apart that's if you were a bird. If you walk (hike or backpack) the two locations are nearly 1000 km apart (600 miles) the hike can take from 50 days to 3 months, if you take time to appreciate the beauty it could also take 6 months or even a year if you make friends along the way or decide to take time to study, do conservation work, contemplate your world, or just stop along the way to live for a while.

Our initial project was developed to become independent of property ownership however we discovered that people (government, authorities, indigenous neighbors) would not permit our peaceful coexistence as nomads or settlers in their territories without being one of them or allied with in their consciousness and world view. So now we have two base locations and the entire Guiana Shield and Amazon as our backyard.

Imagine an indigenous native American (Amerindian) village hybridized with a modern campground facility built using selected appropriate technologies incorporating alternative energy sources to produce abundant organic foods, enjoy modern showers, a clear cold water swimming pond, individual and group cabins, that all comes together at a grand central complex where residents and visitors can gather in a central garden lodge, eat meals in a communal kitchen and involve themselves in community group projects while taking advantage of a modern research station and ecological study center with WiFi Internet access beside a public school facility for residents which doubles as a movie theater, workshop and meeting forum for residents and visitors in the evenings.

Our dream project is just beginning and is constantly changing, its likely we will be in construction stages. They started on March 03, 2014 at Ekobius and will be working on the development in practice now before the cooperative charter on December 31, 2016. People with ideas that can support and tolerate (enjoy) this lifestyle should come and share them and implement them here with us!

Physical Address
Kilometer 24 Via Gavilan
Ekobius, Amazonas / Bolivar 07101

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