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Simone Weil and Peter Maurin House Monastic

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Mission: silence, inner and outer work


Simone Weil and Peter Maurin House – Monastic (Catholic Worker’s “Little Monastery”) of a non-dogmatic and non-denominational orientation;
founded and established between 2009 -2011.

"a Library of books and films – in a House of Silence" - which provides environment for inner work towards living in true communion with God; in His Truth about life, reality and the world. (Repentance, prayer, Knowledge, inner healing.)
Simple –“of old way”- life in the House (and learning it). A small garden.

The purpose of this House is
- to further the aims and goals of the Catholic Worker movement as expressed by Dorothy Day and, particularly, as expressed by Peter Maurin;
- to join in works and efforts of the newly established (in 2004) New Monastic
Movement (please check:;
- to follow in the footsteps of the Madonna Houses (founded by Catherine de Hueck Doherty; and as expressed by her in the book ”Pustinia”)
- to learn about, draw from-and follow- the examples of the other deeply rooted in God spiritual/ religious monastic or life-communities; - the ancient Essenes, or the Bruderhof, or Amish and Hutterites;
- to live as one unique small monastic community
as a response to God’s call – for repentance and "conversion"; and then for living a way of love - which will bring fruits of truth, justice, and peace.

If you are interested in our mission, inquire about the situation by calling and coming for few days-to two weeks of orientation.
In the beautiful House-setting there is a room for one person for a longer-term stay (half-a-year to a year or more), and a room for one - for a shorter-term stay .
Our email:

The address and phone number are: 725 Hennepin Street
Dubuque, Iowa, 52001
Krystyna and Steven

Physical Address
725 Hennepin Street
Dubuque, Iowa 52001
United States

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