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Fellowship for Intentional Community: Our mission is to support and promote the development of intentional communities and the evolution of cooperative culture.

Inner Peace & Prosperity - Creative Community

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Mission: Offering Change NOW thru Intentional Community


***Update: We don't currently have any space available but are working on some exciting developments with other IC's and landowners in Colorado. Send us your email if you'd like to be updated when something comes available.

A fun-loving and creative community of like-minded individuals who have all independently arrived at many of the same understandings of how important environment & community is to be a healthy & happy human being. Needless to say, commonplace modern society has not recognized nor embraced these fundamental principles. Instead it relies on default mechanisms & serves the interests of select political & economic powers, not the health & success of each citizen nor our species as a whole. Simply put, we believe we can intentionally choose to do better -and we are.

Our physical location at 8000 feet overlooks both Denver and Colorado Springs while still providing a quiet and peaceful setting to take-in and connect with nature.

It has become apparent to us that the awareness and embracing of Intentional Communities is likely the single greatest tool we have to ensure the success of both ourselves today and the future of humanity. It is the only apparent viable solution to replace the inherently flawed and deeply troubled political and economic systems that are being self-perpetuated without regard to nature, common sense, scientific findings, psychological & health implications and the will of the citizens.

There are many ideologies. movements and organizations from which we each draw our understanding & inspiration. The following are just a few & each one represents a wealth of information, as you know if you are familiar with them. If not, we would encourage you to research them to see if you can identify with the life changing and problem solving wisdom presented.

Time Banking
Just For The Love Of It
Post Scarcity
Open Source
Open Source Ecology
Altruists International
A Resource Based Economy
Political, Corporate & Media Accountability
Ecological Sustainability
The Zeitgeist Movement
The Venus Project

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monument, Colorado
United States

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