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Atamai Village

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Mission: Living well, sustainably, together


Atamai Village is designed to provide an enduring community for at least 200 people. Villagers will live in privately owned homes, and enjoy the benefits of a large common area jointly managed to enhance physical and social resilience.

Atamai is specifically designed to deal with the impacts of climate change, energy descent and the economic and social challenges that are likely to follow.

The development of our ecovillage is well underway. We have a dozen families on site, living in interesting eco-homes. Our common land has been developed into orchards, grazing, market gardening and forestry. We will eventually be quite large, about 50 homes, and so we are still actively developing these titles. We currently have lots of various prices and sizes for sale.

We are located within biking distance of Motueka, on the top of NZ's South Island, and less and an hour's drive from Nelson and Richmond.

Physical Address
21 Mytton Heights
Motueka, Tasman 07176
New Zealand

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