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Forward House Community Society

This entry was last updated February 19, 2009
Meet the neighbors:

Our Mission is to provide adults in District 69 on Vancouver Island, Canada, who have serious and persistent mental health issues and may also have concurrent substance abuse issues, varied and meaningful opportunities to develop social support and enhance independent life skills within the partnership model.

Our Philosophy is that Forward House Community Society recognizes the worth, dignity and ability of every person, and the rights of each to appropriate support, as well as significant opportunities for growth and self-actualization. We recognize that wellness is a process. Individuals who are empowered with respect, freedom of choice, a balance of risk and security, opportunity, and continuing non-judgmental support from the community and significant others, are most likely to thrive in this process.

To this end, individuals with serious mental and addiction issues, their caregivers, families and service providers collaborate within the operation of the partnership model program. A consistently safe and comfortable environment is provided that allows for the development of autonomy and healthy esteem through meaningful social interaction and the enhancement of vocational and independent life skills.


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