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Persona Nueva
Lake Arenal Guanacaste Province
Costa Rica

Mission: A Sustainable existence with our Planet thru the gift of ...
Peaceful Village
Santa Marta Cayo

Mission: Building a world based on love, sharing, and compassion ...
Join us Irmgard Gouda
Coyhaique Aysen

Mission: Evolve by working together in many ways. From ...
Bohemian Utopia
Pensacola Florida
United States

Mission: We are committed to the ideas of shared labor and ...
Cumberland Wisconsin
United States

Mission: From consumption to Contribution From transaction to ...
Perth Ubuntu Community
May become a small town, if we find a location Western Australia 06000

Mission: If it's not good for everyone, it's not good at all. ...
Glanrhyd Y Pysgod Pencader  SA39 9LX
United Kingdom

Mission: The concept is simple… Find a core team of intentional ...
Order of Tiamat
Seattle California
United States

Mission: 1. Enable the individual to follow their true will in ...
Housebus Helios and Lolin Farm Cohabitation
Arlington Washington
United States

Mission: We look toward building a better life for ourselves and ...
Union of Intentional Gay Men Community (Union Uranus)
Niles Alabama
United States

Mission: Our mission is to remain a unified, financially ...
Meow Haus
Bellingham Washington
United States

Mission: We desire a house where we can communicate honestly, ...
Soon Coming
Phillips Maine
United States

Mission: Permaculture, ecovillage/sustainability focused. From ...
Universal Intentional Organization (U.I.O.)
Detroit Michigan 48203
United States

Mission: grassroots movement of revitalization in community ...
Utopia Project
South Pacific South Pacific

Mission: Self - sufficient, awakened, natural living peace ...
The Old Home Place Apiary
Siloam Springs Arkansas
United States

Mission: Working together to produce clean, local food. Sharing ...
Cardinal Ridge
Fairfield Virginia 24435
United States

Mission: Our mission is to build a family based sex-positive ...
New Earth Village - forming need founders.
Bakersville North Carolina
United States

Mission: A New Earth Village. From ...
ScrapHouse of Life
La junta Colorado 81050
United States

Mission: Reuse Renew Sustain Wanting to eliminate the perception ...
Goloka Sanctuary Community
Cedar Crest New Mexico 87008
United States

Mission: Self-sufficient and sustainable spiritual based ...
Merkaba Community
Vale de Prazeres, Portugal Castelo Branco District

Mission: We don't enforce many 'rules' here, but we do assume a ...
Les Échelles
Montréal Québec

Mission: We are a collective living space in the heart of ...
Malamaki Farm School
Kea'au Hawaii 96749
United States

Mission: We find it best to allow new members to define how the ...
La Smala
Lausanne Lausanne 01007

Mission: The purpose of la Smala is to facilitate the development ...
Enlightened Rainbows Intentional Community
Thousand Oaks California
United States

Mission: We are creating a collaborative living situation that ...
Chino California
United States

Mission: Alt Terra Commons is an Awakened, Spiritual, Communal ...
kehillah b'nai yhwh
chattanooga Tennessee
United States

Mission: more info later From ...
nanaimo british colombia

Mission: Mudd is a good way to survive the doomsdays ahead . The ...
Makkal Mandram (People's Forum)
Kancheepuram Tamil Nadu 631502

Mission: Resources should be held in common and fairly shared by ...
Morganton Fellowship
Morganton North Carolina 28655
United States

Mission: Jeremiah 6:16 - "Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ...
Community forming in Middle Tennessee
Saint Augustine Alabama
United States

Mission: Provide a haven for individuals or families centered on ...