Ohio Employee Ownership Center

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Our mission is to increase the number of employee owned companies and to deepen the ownership experience of their employee owners.
As an Ohio resource, we provide pro bono technical assistance to employee buyout groups and retiring business owners for making the transition from conventional to employee ownership, manage Ohio's Prefeasibility Study Grant Program, and administer the Common Wealth Revolving Loan Fund (available outside of Ohio as well).

As a national resource, we help employee-owned companies develop an ownership culture through effective systems of employee involvement and communication, and dynamic game-based training programs.

We also work internationally.

See http://www.kent.edu/oeoc
Physical Address
Kent State University 113 McGilvrey Hall
Kent, Ohio 44242
United States

People associated with this organization

Person: Dan Bell
Organization: Ohio Employee Ownership Center
Role: Program Coordinator
Phone: 330-672-0333
Person: G. William McIntyre
Organization: Ohio Employee Ownership Center
Role: Program Coordinator
Phone: 330-672-0332

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