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Fairy Forest

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Mission: We CHANGED our NAME! We are no longer "Creative Sanctuary and Freedom Farm" This idea of building a sustainable village in the forest began when I was a 10 years old. Since then I have been many places and done many things, and now I am finally ready to fullfill my childhood and lifelong dream. I never even knew why I had this dream, really, just did. Then six months ago I met someone I could clearly tell was a clairvoyant, and she told me that I am a fairy. She told me as if I should know this already. She was actually shocked when I told her I didn't know! So, I went home and learned as much as I could about REAL fairies. I read online articles, then I read Doreen Virtue's book about incarnated fairies and now everything about me makes sense! NOW I am SO READY to connect with my encarnated elemental brothers and sisters to demonstrate what living in harmony with nature looks like, and help to inspire the world with our other creative passions! This is why we are here. Come, and stay as long as you like.


Step by step, this is to become a retreat from monetary economies and a sacred space to awaken and experience spiritual discovery in environment full of life, love, and inspiration built to inspire a new way of thinking, living, and creating. Its humanity's time to thrive on Earth. We are currently looking for creative individuals that are truly optimistic and ambitious about making a positive change in humanity as well as spiritual healers and aspiring healers to come and build a strong community of unconditional love for all. We want to share plant knowledge and earthen-house building as a form of meditation. We are attempting to free ourselves from a monetary economy, so others who are on the same path are welcome to come and share ideas on instigating a resource-based economy. We are very peaceful and open-minded people, and we believe that we must be the change that we see in the world. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! Peace, love and naked squirrels!

Physical Address
123 Off Main Drag
Gardner, Colorado
United States

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