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Southwest Sufi Community

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Mission: Spiritual retreat & inclusive spiritual community.


The Southwest Sufi Community (SSC), located near Silver City, New Mexico, is first and foremost a spiritually oriented community, promoting understanding of the Sufi message, but welcoming to students of inclusive spiritual paths. We deepen our spiritual path through direct experience and eat, dance, and pray together. The community, begun in June 1995, is a retreat center, a nature preserve, and a residential village on 1,500 acres along year-round Bear Creek. We host group and individual retreats with inclusive spiritual themes.

People interested in residency at the Southwest Sufi Community want to have the pioneer spirit, be financially self-sufficient or resourceful, and in good health. Since the land is remote from town, it is not practical to commute. People will need to support themselves in creative ways. Those interested in establishing cottage industries on the land are especially encouraged to come and check us out.

The best way to get to know the community is to come for a visit, or attend one of our camps or retreats We offer limited indoor accommodations, camping, vegetarian meals, classes, and time in nature. We welcome visitors at other times, too, especially on weekends. Please write or email before planning a visit and tell us you saw this listing in the Communities Directory.


Physical Address
PO Box 373
Silver City, New Mexico 88062-0373
United States

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