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The Hedge

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Mission: pagan community cohousing


Blessed Be, We have a website The Hedge is a Pagan community between around Hutchinosn, ks. We are on 30 acres half wooded and half pasture. There are some outbuildings now and a creek. We are tied to the grid, until we have a well and enough solar power installed. We welcome all ages, & beliefs. We have one room in tha main house available. And we also have the loft in the barn large with electric and we will be putting in wood heaters soon. Individual cabins will be built and exisiting buildings will be renovated for housing. We share meals, celebrate holidays, and plan outings together. We grow organic all natural gardens and will be supported in a few years by our tree farm. Right now we work as a community cleaning forclosed homes in the local area. Each community member works two days a week doing this. The rest of the time we work at the community. We use this money to buy items for the community, and food, land payment etc. We also plan on homeschooling as a community, including monthly trips to museums and such. Doing things as a community is very important to us. We are tired of working for $ to buy plastic or electronic gadgets that simulate life. We want to LIVE life, love, laugh, eat, dance, sing and all the rest. We have seen others comments about handing over there assets when joining a community. We do not want your money, or assets. What you have when you join us is yours. But you will not have much use for it here lol. We will be buying hygiene products that we do not make ourselves as a group. There will be co housing as well as individual cabins are possible. We require natural building, using natural materials or reclaimed materials as often as possible. We have many animals and will soon have more. Cats, dogs, goats, ducks, chickens and more. You must be respectful of them and there right to be at the community. Many of us are vegetarians. You do not have to be one to live here. But there will be no killing of animals here. The meat eaters buy meat in bulk from organic sources. We make decisions as a group, with founding members making decisions in disputes. We want this to be like and extended family. Two of us are poly, this does not mean we sleep with everyone. Or anyone outside of our committed relationship. Gay or bi people are accepted as is everyone regardless of sexuality. Most of us are Pagan and celebrate nature as well as Yule, Samhain etc. Call 316-371-5732

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555 not available
Hutchinson, Kansas
United States

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