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Sat Yoga Ashram

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Mission: We function as an advanced wisdom school to train serious yogis and shamans in transformational skills. The school functions in an ashram, a residential community of dedicated healers and teachers. Around the ashram core an eco-village is being built, to serve those individuals and families with children who would like to receive the benefits of living near an ashram/wisdom school that is anchoring a cultural renaissance, without making as complete a commitment as do the core members of the spiritual order of Sat Yoga. The eco-village will one day host schools for children, an innovative university, clinics and spa, a hotel, and a retirement community with an elder care center/hospice as well. To all we offer a refuge of peace and higher vision in this time of global cataclysmic change, to accelerate the transformation of human consciousness and contribute to the creation of a new divine culture.


We welcome women and men from every culture and religious background, of every shade of skin color, of all ages. The Sat Yoga Ashram is a community of paradox. We are preparing for off-grid living and radical change but we uphold the classical principles of beauty and high culture. We are a community based on ancient universal Dharma, including the principles of non-violence, truthfulness, friendship and synergy, yet always pouring the ancient wine of spiritual truth into new bottles for the delight of the postmodern consciousness. We value the arts and are developing new forms of music, drama, and philosophy. We process our wounds and conflicts in confidential transformational sessions. We grow our own organic vegetarian food and we are becoming self-sustaining.

We often hold formal retreats and invite people from all over the world to participate. Some are accepted for longer term individual immersion retreats. We invite scholars and artists to come and spend time in residence and teach what they know as well as have time to create and heal their own wounds. We are creating a refuge for those who seek transcendence of the ego.

If you feel called to join us, please attend a retreat and get to know us and this sacred land. There is an admission process and a period of orientation and trial to ensure you would feel at home here and that you share the vision and the way of life we offer.

Physical Address
Perez Zeledon, Perez Zeledon
Costa Rica

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