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Mana Gardens

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Mission: The aloha spirit of unconditional love guides all community activities.


Mana is the Hawaiian word for divine power, the life force within all things. Mana Gardens LLC owns 89 acres of the last lowland rain forest in the United States. Stewardship by Miss Green over several years has won government funding for the LLC to plan a native forest restoration. The plan is to restore the native habitat for the resident native dragonflies, native snails, native honey-creepers, and Hawaiian hawks (which are members of a threatened species). The planned project should bring in Federal and State funding to create dozens of part-time jobs. Miss Green has received more than a hundred letters of support from local residents, educators, business leaders and a senator. All members will actively work together to create and steward a sustainable agricultural community. Miss Green cultivates and sells heart-shaped flamingo lilies that grow by the thousands in the forest. All activities are conducted with the aloha spirit of unconditional love.
Temperatures range from 70-85º F daytime and 60-70º F nighttime. It rains almost every day, occasionally six inches per day. No need for any irrigation. Water supply is rain-catchment. County water is free 4 miles away. Miss Green cultivates many seasonal avocado trees and year-round herb and flower gardens. The Gardens gently slope at around 900 feet of elevation on the east rift zone of an active volcano. Walk, bicycle or roll 2 miles to Pahoa town with laundromat, stores and library. The Hilo international airport (ITO) is 22 miles away. Walk, bicycle or roll ten miles to the lava-warmed coastal waters for decent surfing and boating. Small-scale solar power and composting toilets are popular in the area. Internet and cell phone signals are good in certain spots and fair in others. New cell-phone towers are planned to meet the growing demand.
Members and visitors may enjoy solitude, commune with nature, garden or work on a project. Projects are listed at including the online flower shop. The flower business has a zero-carbon footprint until the flowers leave the garden for delivery. A managing member in good standing has a voice at annual meetings and may develop two acres for private use. Loyalty is required to maintain governance rights in a limited liability company.
New members are welcome to apply to join the limited liability company that owns the property. A maximum of 17 members will equally steward the LLC.

Physical Address
PAHOA, Hawaii 96778
United States

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