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Popai Hawaii Eco Beachfront Homestead/Organic Sustainable Farm

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Mission: "one planet living" , "fair share ecofootprint" creating health, peace and fair planet via lifestyle rather then rhetoric. Deep ecology. Utilizing solar photovoltaics, solar hot water, biking for transportation, gardening, fruit and nut orchard, black soldier fly composting, humanure composting, rainwater catchment, rocket stove/wood gasifier, coppicing nitrogen fixing trees for green manure, fodder, fuel, building materials, near zero waste, living simple so others can simply live. Lacto ovo vegetarians. 60 laying chickens, 12 goats, 1 dog, 5 cats. Entertainment playing music and dance.


We are deep ecology, sustainable homestead that incorporates Organic, Sustainable, Permaculture, Regenerative Agroforestry, Agroecological principals in order to live within the means of the land. We live more simply so others (*human and other species”) can simply live. Popai has evolved into a sustainable living and educational project..I’m an idealist and would like to live in a fair, sustainable, healthy planet where we are wise stewards and reawaken to our interdependency in the web of life, and the necessity of “care giving”/leaving/giving back . We seek to take only what we need and to live within the means of 3.5 acres available per person on the Earth, which is our Earth Fair Share amount of space to live within the carrying capacity of the biologically productive land and sea. Three acres provides just food, modest shelter and a small amount of energy to cook food, but not for transportation, eating meat, or for cash crops (coffee, tea, chocolate, tobacco, meat [or crops like soy and corn used to feed livestock], sugar, oil crops/palm/canola, cotton, flowers, monocropped forests/eucalyptus, biofuels for cars). I’m not talking about the amount of acreage ones house is on but the space needed to manufacture all of their needs That means we have to live simply and only require 3.5 acres to provide all of our needs for food, fiber, fuel, fodder, fineries, fencing, fun, pharmacy, and shelter. In order to live fairly we have to practice “willful restraint”, lower our standard of living/consumption, stop the use of dirty inappropriate technologies, reduce our human populations, and reduce our land space requirements from e.g. 25 acres per person in the U.S. to 3.5. We are currently “six planet living” when there is only one Earth, so in order to co create a fair, sustainable, and healthy planet we have to learn to live “One planet living”. Our industrial society is a planetary plaque, a cancer, with all of the social, medical and environmental ills (war, crime, drugs, terrorists, have/have nots, cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Asthma, Allergies, pollution of our soil, water and air, soil erosion, soil impoverishment, 6th wave of species extinction, 150 species going extinct daily, 35,000 people starving each day, etc.) and we accept, acquiesce, accommodate to the side effects of our rapacious, “taker” society, just like a frog who is placed in warm water and slowly brought up to a boil without a struggle.

Physical Address
RR 2 Box 3363
Pahoa, Hawaii 96778
United States

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