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Finca Sagrada

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Mission: sacred homesteading


Who Are We?

We are a small intercultural community called Finca Sagrada located in Southern Ecuador. Our farm, Finca Sagrada, is 13 acres of pasture and gardens and 500 hectares of mountain. We are a biodynamic, organic and homa farm

Our websites are:

Walter Moora
Susan David Moora
Leisha Brand
David Hartley

Our inspiration is the indigenous saying of the Americas that “neither the people of the North nor the South will thrive until the Eagle and the Condor fly as one.” We work in accord with the Pachamama Alliance, which has taken this as its mission and is making great progress.

Finca Sagrada is a community birthed in gratitude where people can reconnect to the sacredness of the Earth and of our own being...
...where the Earth has rights equal to human beings... the Eagle and the Condor fly as one...
...over a self-sustaining community.

Physical Address
PO Box 1171
Vilcabamba, Loja 01101

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