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City of God Villages

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Mission: A Christian Village


"What would a community of Christians be like who truly believed and trusted in the words of Christ, "I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these." John 14:12

As the flood waters of secularism and immorality rise around Christians, the work of Christian evangelization and Christian charity will become more and more difficult and dangerous, in every sense of the word. One doesn't try to save a drowning person by jumping into the torrent with them when dry land is nearby along with the support of others. Communities such as that proposed by the City of God Villages offer the safety of a Christian environment - dry land - from which to reach out to others.

The proposed City of God Village community will be based on the concept of the "extended family," in which multiple generations of members function as a family unit, recapturing the many benefits of the natural extended family. Although each individual and nuclear family will be responsible for their own livelihood, the physical and spiritual well-being of each extended family will be the responsibility of its members. No Community members will be left in need.

The Village should include businesses, such as shops, medical clinics, farm and manufacturing operations, providing work for at least half of the Community's members. The strategy of the Village should be to tailor its businesses and activities to the talents and callings of the members it serves. The revenues from the Village businesses, as well as the financial support from Community members that work outside of the Village, provide the funds for the Community's outreach programs.

Physical Address
1542 Millport Road
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17602
United States

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